Second Street Pantry Mission

Second Street Pantry

Second Street Pantry was established as a community outreach program by just a few church members in 2011. Today, it serves hundreds of community residents facing food insecurity every month. We hope that every person who enters our doors feels welcomed, is fed, and experiences the Love of Christ through our volunteers. We pray that all who enter leave with a sense of Hope and Love. Second Street Pantry is located on the church premises. 

Weekly Devotional

Written by Suzanne Dickey


"Look to the LORD & His strength; seek His face always. Remember the wonders He has done, His miracles & the judgments He pronounced . . . He remembers His covenant forever."       1 Chronicles 16:11, 12, 15

Memory is a wonderful gift. It allows us to warmly relive pleasant & loving experiences; we benefit from negative ones by hopefully remembering not to repeat them.  Even hurtful & tragic events with resulting painful memories can help us grow in character, empathy, perseverance & sensitivity to others. As we ponder Memorial Day, no doubt every family has been touched in some way by wartime loss with its familiar grief & void. Many courageous souls have been given to secure & maintain our freedoms & blessings of life. Jesus gave His life for our freedom from sin & selfishness; His resurrection gives us the opportunity to choose eternal Heavenly life. The question for us all is what will we choose to do with these memories, these memorials? Will we remain in our isolating self-reliance, stagnating in bitter anger & raw pain? Will we turn in trust & humble surrender to our God of wonders, allowing His comfort, embrace & healing of mind & soul? Remember, His covenant is grace, love & peace and He remembers it forever!

Did you know?  If you come to the pantry between 2-3 or 4-5:30 you’ll not have to wait long.

Are you seeking financial assistance?

The Benevolence Fund is an assistance ministry for people who meet our qualifications and seek financial help with past due utility bills, past due rent bills, or gas vouchers. 
Application for help can be made by emailing  or  .  When you send an email to either of those addresses, you will receive an automatic email that details what information is needed to consider your application.  Emailed applications are reviewed throughout each week.  Those who qualify to be interviewed on Tuesday will be notified by email that they are eligible for a phone interview.  Applicants who do NOT qualify will be notified by email.  Applications containing all the required information must be received before noon on Monday to be considered for a Tuesday phone interview. We offer assistance to Bentonville, Bella Vista, and Centerton residents only. 
General information about Second Street Pantry Missions is available on our website