Second Street Pantry Mission

Second Street Pantry

Second Street Pantry was established as a community outreach program by just a few church members in 2011. Today, it serves hundreds of community residents facing food insecurity every month. We hope that every person who enters our doors feels welcomed, is fed, and experiences the Love of Christ through our volunteers. We pray that all who enter leave with a sense of Hope and Love. Second Street Pantry is located on the church premises. 

Weekly Devotional

Written by Suzanne Dickey


For by Him all things were created: things in heaven & on earth, visible & invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by Him & for Him. He is before all things, & in Him, all things hold together.   Colossians 1:16-17

I am not God. He is. How wonderful it is to throw in the towel, to surrender the battle, to put down the burden! This does not mean that we must sit back & “take it” or do nothing to change circumstances or personal behaviors that are harmful to ourselves & others. But acceptance does mean that I can let go & let God infuse my life with His healing grace. When I put Him back in control (that is, accept that He is already in control), I instantly feel better, more at peace, and calmer of mind & spirit. It allows me the freedom to live & breathe more easily. There is only one God, & He is available to us if we put aside the self-created obstacles to His Presence. Perhaps I will try this path today & accept Him fully & completely, without reservations, in my life.  (Greg Tobin, The Wisdom of St. Patrick)

Are you seeking financial assistance?

The Benevolence Fund is an assistance ministry for people who meet our qualifications and seek financial help with past due utility bills, past due rent bills, or gas vouchers. 
Application for help can be made by emailing  or  .  When you send an email to either of those addresses, you will receive an automatic email that details what information is needed to consider your application.  Emailed applications are reviewed throughout each week.  Those who qualify to be interviewed on Tuesday will be notified by email that they are eligible for a phone interview.  Applicants who do NOT qualify will be notified by email.  Applications containing all the required information must be received before noon on Monday to be considered for a Tuesday phone interview. We offer assistance to Bentonville, Bella Vista, and Centerton residents only. 
General information about Second Street Pantry Missions is available on our website