Can you believe there are currently 7 generations alive all at the same time? Trying to speak into that reality truly requires Pentecost in the way of Holy Spirit inspired skills. As we kick off this new series, "One Word, Many Voices," we start by looking at common English voices.

Children First | Pentecost

We will look at how we must be willing to let go of our expectations and how church has always existed—exploring this concept so that others can experience the transformative power of Christ. The wonderful thing is, when we do that, we experience joy and freedom too.

Made for a Woman

We will look at the limitations of gender constructions, particularly when gender is used to restrict people and their expression of their call to ministry. Watch Full Worship Services at The Gathering: Traditional Worship:

Breaking the Law

Here we will look at the ways that Christianity has sold its soul to align with political forces. Was that ever what Jesus remotely intended? Watch our full services at: The Gathering: Traditional Worship: