A Promised Legacy

As we continue our Legacy series, we will be reading part of the covenant made with God and David, plus David’s response; we will reflect on what it means to be heirs to this promise.

A Movement's Legacy

Today we welcome The McCormick’s. David and Elizabeth McCormick are Global Missionaries with the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church. They currently serve as Mission Advocates for the South Central Jurisdiction. They were commissioned at General Conference in May 2016. David previously served as Hospital Director of Chicuque (Shu-Koo-Key) Rural Hospital in Mozambique while Elizabeth helped a group of artists start a business and worked at a secondary school on W.A.S.H (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene). David and Elizabeth met at Centenary College and are members of Grace Community United Methodist Church in Shreveport in the Louisiana Annual Conference. David, Elizabeth, and their two amazing daughters currently live in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Predictable Patterns

This Sunday, we will begin our series, "Legacy", walking through scripture to learn of lessons of legacies of ancient times. We will discuss how, once patterns are made, it becomes very difficult to break them. So when we talk about building a legacy, the decisions we make now can have an impact for generations... negative or positive.

The Jordan and Jericho

We close this series, Lessons from the Land, with an overview of what we learned, and how peace sits alongside conflict. How our assumptions can be disappointments, and yet in the midst, God surprises us. How the world seeks living water. How we seek and what we find, but not always what we expect. And how we see God in the muck and mud of life anyway.

The Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee (or Chinnereth) marks the Northern stretches of Israel, from the division of the land and still today. While it is a border, and borders undoubtedly involve conflict, it is also an incredibly peaceful place. We share our experience of peace on the waters.

The Dead Sea Will Rise Again!

Come and hear about Kristin’s experience with the Dead Sea and how it relates to healing and hope for the Israelites and us today.

Children First | Blessings

Worship for children and their families led by children. This month we celebrate and learn about Blessings!

Canaan | Israel

Who is promised this land? God promised the Hebrew people this land of milk and honey, but the Canaanites already lived here. Where do they go? Doesn’t God love them too? As we reflect on this history, we will also discuss our experience of staying on the other side of the wall in Palestine.


Pastor Michelle is back from the Holy Land and ready to share new tales. This sermon was written while she was on her trip, so the details must be heard in person.    

The Dimensions of a Complete Life

This week we look back to Revelations to explore "The Dimensions of a Complete Life." Welcome guest pastor Rev. Sara Bainbridge.