This sermon will cap this series by both affirming our church’s welcome statement and our mission to reach those who are far from home and far from God, all in the name of following Jesus.

Who Are We? : We Are All Family Now

This sermon will look at the straw men arguments set up in the first three chapters of Romans, and how Paul dismantles both sides to argue that Jews and Gentiles are supposed to put aside our disagreements about “right” behavior in favor of being one family. We hear how we have heartbreakingly used these passages to perpetuate division in the family.

Children First | Acceptance

FUMC Kids are excited to lead worship this month and help us all learn more about accepting others. What area's in your life do you think could use more acceptance?

Join us this Sunday as we continue reading the Bible this year and start a new 4 week series, "Who Are We?" This series examines characteristics of the church, then and now. Things haven’t changed that much in 2000 years. We will see that the church has always had disagreements about who is welcome at the table, with some holding to “traditional” ideas and some pushing for greater inclusion. There are also times when division allows us to reach more people, despite the pain of the breakup. See less

We Are Never Alone

Join us as we continue our reading through the Bible. This week we look to John chapter 14 and hear John tell us of Jesus explaining "We Are Never Alone."

Children of Who Now?

This sermon will take on the fact that John is used to justify anti-semitism. We will learn this reflects an internal argument within Judaism in context, but also recognize the danger this text unleashed.

Saving Face with Transforming Grace

This Sunday, we explore the first of the seven miracles of Jesus contained in John.  Mother Mary is the catalyst for this first miracle. Jesus seems a bit reluctant to get involved in this social situation.  What does this miracle tell us about the human and divine Christ? What symbols do we find in this story, and what clues can we find to help us understand the nature of Jesus? 

A Woman from the City, A Sinner

The woman who anoints Jesus appears in all 4 Gospels, but her story is distinct in each book. Yet somehow, we have made assumptions about her anyway, assumptions that are not found in Scripture. These same assumptions keep women vulnerable all over the world.

Children First | October 2022

Join us this month for Children First and learn about sharing your light! This worship service is for children and their families, led by children. All are welcome!

Led Into Temptation

“Deja’ vu” a series that will deliberately look at passages in Mark and Luke that also appear in Matthew, but we will look at what makes each distinct. For this series, you can find a copy of the Gospel parallels here. Using the Lukan tale of Jesus being tempted in the wilderness as our centering point, we will contrast and compare the same story from Mark and Matthew.