"Welcome to the Table" is a monthly cooking show hosted by Diane Morrison. You can find videos here or on Facebook. Diane uses food and scripture to prepare a welcoming table for all. 

Cooking Contest

Sunday, January 29th, "Welcome to the Table" will host its first cooking contest. Here is a breakdown of how the contest will work. 

This event will be held via zoom and live-streamed on Facebook. Each team will need a zoom monitor to check in on-screen while the team is cooking. This person could also be the "taster." This role is to describe the food to those watching. 

Each team will be given a box of some food items you have to use. Now, you trade two items and add two (optional) items. Out-of-town teams will need a shopper who will keep ingredients secret. 

When the contest starts, each team will be given two (figurative) guests with dietary restrictions that competitors must accommodate. 

We will have guest judges. Teams will be scored by the reactions of their tasters, their presentation, and how well they include their surprise guests.

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